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Alabama aims to reduce brain injuries locally

There have been many concerns about concussions and brain injuries over the last year as more information about the dangers of concussions through football have emerged thanks to a nationwide National Football League case. Head injuries are dangerous; short-term effects are usually obvious, although they can vary, and many people seem to be able to overcome the side effects within a relatively short amount of time. However, over the long-term, these head injuries can lead to effects that simply can't be predicted fully.

Deadly Cars

There was an interesting article, "Weak Oversight, Deadly Cars", by Clarence Ditlow and Ralph Nader, in the New York Times recently.  In summary, they criticize NHTSA (the federal government's auto safety arm) and conclude, "Only a complete overhaul of the agency's culture will prevent future recalls, since automakers will always place sales and profits over safety and innovation".   True, but that's not the whole story.

The Effect of Tort Reform on the Care You Get in the Emergency Room

Over and over we hear that doctors are so afraid of being sued that they feel forced to practice "defensive medicine".  The implication is that doctors are so fearful they order unnecessary tests or unnecessary hospital admissions, thus raising health care costs for all of us.  And while many, including the Congressional Budget Office, have suggested that "some so-called defense medicine may be motivated less by liability concerns than by the income it generates for physicians", the notion that limits on physician liability are needed to protect the consumer from "defensive medicine" just won't go away.

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