Alabama boaters’ rights after a drowning-related wrongful death

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Drowning is one kind of accident that can happen due to negligence in Alabama. For instance, if someone is drinking alcohol before driving a boat, then the boat could be crashed or otherwise driven negligently. This could lead to passengers being thrown into the water, hitting their heads or suffering from other drowning-related deaths.

Drowning lawsuits typically arise when negligence or recklessness was the reason for the person’s death. The victim’s family may sue by claiming that the incident resulted in their loved one’s wrongful death. The lawsuit could claim direct negligence, like a lifeguard not paying attention or due to someone physically causing the drowning to take place. In cases where a lifeguard or other safety staff was on site and meant to be monitoring the swimming area, the death can open up a can of worms for the operator of the business. In some cases, the business itself may be able to be held liable for the injuries and death of the victim.

Boating accidents can result in death, too. Water sports like jet skiing, using wave runners or even being pulled by a water tube could result in injuries if the boat’s driver or another boat’s driver is negligent. For example, if someone was killed because a boat didn’t stop and crashed into the person being pulled behind a boat in a tube, then the other driver might be able to be held liable for that incident.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a drowning accident, you know that you can’t reverse what’s already taken place. However, by working with the right team, you may be able to get compensation to cover hospital fees or funeral costs, so you can move forward with your life without footing the bill.

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