Fatal car accidents: Alabama woman convicted of manslaughter

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An Alabama woman was convicted of manslaughter on Thursday regarding the death of a high school softball star. The woman could face life in prison when she is sentenced for the 2012 car accident.

Jurors debated for approximately two and half hours prior to announcing their decision. The prosecution had been seeking a conviction on murder charges, but the jurors decided to convict her on the lesser charge of manslaughter relating to the death of the 24-year-old softball player. Tragically, the young victim died at the accident scene.

The convicted driver tested positive for methamphetamine and Xanax at the time of the fatal car accident took place. Prosecutors wanted to convict her on murder charges because she allegedly displayed extreme indifference to human life in her decision to get behind the wheel in such an inebriated condition.

When Alabama residents lose their loved ones in fatal car accidents caused by an inebriated driver, they could have valid wrongful death claims to seek financial restitution. The decision to pursue such a claim is most definitely a personal one but sometimes, it is also a financial one. Indeed, while pursuing a wrongful death action can help family members obtain a sense of closure regarding the incident, it can also help victims secure compensation to pay for the end of life expenses stemming from their loved one’s death, among a wide variety of other types of damages.

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