MRB Attorneys Win Medical Malpractice Case

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Verdicts

Congratulations are due to our new lawyer, Dylan Marsh , who went to trial for the first time this week and won the case for our client! Guiding Dylan at trial was senior MRB attorney.

Dylan and Mike represented a woman who was injured while being transported to a Montgomery hospital next door.  The nurse had to transport our client from a physician’s office to the hospital for a diagnostic test.  Instead of using a wheelchair, the nurse used a walker (which belonged to our client’s husband).  The walker was not meant to be used as transport and was marked with explicit warnings not to use for this purpose

The walker flipped over when it hit the wheelchair ramp; as a result, our client was thrown onto her back and was injured.  Our client suffered a broken coccyx and sacrum and re-injured an older back injury.

Dylan and Mike argued that the decision to use the walker as transport, as well as the fact that the nurse did not slow down when approaching the ramp was a breach of the standard of care.  This case was tried under Alabama’s Medical Liability Act, with all the protection it affords the state’s hospitals, nurses and doctors.

The Montgomery County jury awarded our client $77,500 in damages.

As to the successful outcome, Mike says, “MRB is very proud of our two youngest lawyers, Dylan and Ben Ford. Within two months of passing the bar, both Dylan and Ben have been in the courtroom and gotten verdicts for our clients. How many other firms can say that?”

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