Tracy Morgan still suffering from brain injury symptoms

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Alabama readers of this blog no doubt remember the tragic car accident in which comedian Tracy Morgan was severely injured over five months ago. According to Morgan’s lawyer, his client suffered a traumatic brain injury and may never be the Tracy Morgan we once knew.

Morgan’s brain injury happened on June 7, when the actor broke his ribs, leg and nose in a catastrophic crash. A Walmart truck hit the limo van Morgan was traveling in along with several friends. One person died in the collision, and three were injured. Morgan’s injuries were so severe that he required hospital care for several weeks and also had to check into a rehabilitation facility

Morgan has since filed a personal injury suit against Walmart Stores, which owned the truck and employed the driver that crashed into his limo van. According to his lawyer, Morgan is currently fighting to recover and trying to get back to where he was before the accident. However, his lawyer worries that this may not be possible considering the severity of his client’s brain injury.

A brain injury can alter the course of its victim’s life in a heartbeat. Many brain injury sufferers require round-the-clock medical services and cannot live independently on their own. Others are unable to hold down a job due to severe disabilities caused by the injury. Those who have suffered an accident-related brain injury in Alabama or those who have a family member who suffered such an injury may wish to investigate viability of pursuing financial restitution by way of a personal injury claim.

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