Information needed in an Alabama truck accident case

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Alabama truck accident cases are different from the typical car crash. That is because they often involve trucking companies that are also liable for the accidents and injuries incurred by the victims. They also involve the gathering of more information. Indeed, the information gathering stage of any truck accident case is essential to a litigant’s success. In this article, we will discuss what kind of information you will need to collect regarding the crash itself.

First, your attorney will want to collect the phone records of all individuals involved in the accident. These kinds of records are readily available and they will often inform you about the activities of the driver leading up to the accident. For example, was the driver on the phone when the accident occurred? Was he or she texting at the time? This kind of evidence may be used to prove whether the driver was distracted.

Other records that an Alabama personal injury attorney will likely try to gather relate to on-board computer logs and photographs from the accident scene. Photographs can be particularly helpful. It is not uncommon that the defendant arrived at the accident scene first — before police and other authorities — so defendant photographs may be particularly useful. Also, police photographs could be useful.

Police accident reports, internal accident reports from the trucking company, satellite tracking data and disciplinary records of the truck driver involved in the crash can also be used to make a stronger case for recovery. Particularly if the truck driver has a record of prior disciplinary action relating to a similar offense, this could be very useful for plaintiffs who are trying to recover damages.

Regardless the extent of your injuries and regardless your involvement in a truck accident case, a personal injury attorney may be able to help. Marsh, Rickard & Bryan has qualified personal injury attorneys on staff to help you with your Alabama truck accident case. We will listen to your story, analyze the facts and evidence relating to your case and advise you on the next steps you should take given your situation.

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