What to do after an accident in Alabama

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When you are in a car accident in Alabama, do you know what your responsibilities are? As someone who has been hit by another driver, your main concern has to be your health. After that, there are some things you should make sure have happened.

First of all, an SR-31 form needs to be filled out by any person involved in an accident that results in injuries, deaths or damages over a certain amount. These forms must be turned into the Driver License Division of the Department of Public Safety. Along with this, you must prove that you had liability insurance.

If you don’t have insurance, even if you were in the right, you may face fines or penalties. If the other driver who hit you wasn’t insured, you may have to look into legal options for getting compensation. Normally, the police who attend the scene will be the ones who take the insurance information and file it with the proper department.

If the other driver has a license suspended due to hitting you, there is something you should know. If you don’t pursue a civil action, then after two years, that driver is able to request to have his or her license reinstated. If that driver hurt you or a family member, you do have the option to seek a civil lawsuit that could affect his or her ability to drive in the long run. In some cases, your case could be used to prove that a person shouldn’t be on the road. In addition, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, so you can work toward getting back to a normal life.

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