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Defect in some Harley-Davidsons could lead to crash and injury

Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle brand that is well known throughout the nation, including in the state of Alabama. In fact, for many, owning a Harley is a dream come true. As is the case with any motorcycle, there are certain risks that go along with riding this brand of bike. Product defects with certain motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson make this risk even greater. As a result of the defects, multiple models were recently recalled.

Distracted driving is more than just texting behind the wheel

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While outlets throughout the nation—including the state of Alabama—are highlighting the dangers of this activity this month all would likely agree that avoiding this practice is important every day of the year. Some legislators in the state appear to think so. They recently tried to strengthen the state’s laws concerning the activity.

Some truck tires may not be able to handle posted speed limits

As is the case with virtually any crash involving motor vehicles, when it comes truck accidents many factors could be to blame. Since that particular industry is so highly regulated, it makes sense that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would continually be on the lookout for ways to reduce the number of crashes—and by extension—injuries that occur on our nation’s roads.

Do you know how to prevent elder abuse?

No one wants to see a loved one hurt at the hands of the care providers who are paid to provide that care. Unfortunately, that alone is not enough to stop that from happening and elderly individuals are hurt or neglected all too frequently. This abuse and neglect can take many forms including physical, sexual, emotional and financial. There are things people can do to try to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Following a brain injury the recovery can be long

Brain injuries can occur as a result of many different things. While sometimes the injury is nobody’s fault, other times another person can be blamed. Regardless of how the injury is incurred, the results can be devastating. One man recently shared his experience recovering from a brain injury on National Public Radio.

Car seat use could minimize child injuries in crash

In general, parents want to do whatever it takes to keep their children safe. For most, this is true not only in their home but extends to their vehicles as well. The best way to do this in the latter situation is to use a car seat or booster seat. In fact, it is the law in the state of Alabama.

Poor visibility may have contributed to crash of 24 vehicles

Last week we wrote about a traffic accident that involved nine vehicles on an Alabama interstate. In this post we will cover an even larger accident that took place on an interstate. Earlier this week a crash involving 24 vehicles occurred. Of those vehicles, one was an RV and three were 18-wheelers.

Multi-vehicle accident on interstate leaves 5 injured, 1 dead

There is no question that interstates often make travelling from one place to another much faster. The speed at which vehicles travel on these roads and the number of vehicles that can be on them at the same time, can also make them dangerous. If a car accident occurs, it is possible that many vehicles could easily be involved resulting serious injuries.

How severity of brain injury is measured

It is fair to say that no one ever wants to be seriously hurt. Perhaps one of the worst that someone in the state of Alabama could face is a brain injury. Though the severity of a brain injury may be minor and not have any lingering aftereffects, other times it can dramatically change the life of the person facing it.

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