Multi-vehicle accident on interstate leaves 5 injured, 1 dead

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Truck Accidents

There is no question that interstates often make travelling from one place to another much faster. The speed at which vehicles travel on these roads and the number of vehicles that can be on them at the same time, can also make them dangerous. If a car accident occurs, it is possible that many vehicles could easily be involved resulting serious injuries.

Earlier this week a multi-vehicle crash occurred on an Alabama interstate. A total of nine vehicles–three of them 18-wheelers–were involved in the crash. At least one of the semis was completely engulfed in flames. When all was said and done, one person was killed in the incident and five others were hurt. The severity of their injuries is not known.

It is also not known what caused the accident to occur. An investigation into the matter will likely uncover what happened. In piecing together a crash of this sort it is not uncommon for an accident reconstruction team to be brought in. By looking at a wide range of information these individuals can piece together what happened.

While the primary concern for those who were hurt in the multi-vehicle accident should be their health, they will need to look forward as well. With so many people involved it is likely that those who were hurt in the crash will seek compensation for their injuries. These lawsuits are usually complicated. Accordingly, it is important that those who find themselves in these situations work with a lawyer who is familiar with how these cases generally work.

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