Poor visibility may have contributed to crash of 24 vehicles

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Car Accidents

Last week we wrote about a traffic accident that involved nine vehicles on an Alabama interstate. In this post we will cover an even larger accident that took place on an interstate. Earlier this week a crash involving 24 vehicles occurred. Of those vehicles, one was an RV and three were 18-wheelers.

In addition to resulting in a traffic jam, the crash left multiple people hurt. According to authorities, 10 people were transported to hospitals in the area. The nature and extent of the injuries to those involved is not clear.

Though it will likely take some time to determine exactly how the chain-reaction crash unfolded, an Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Trooper indicated that low-visibility conditions played a role. Those conditions were apparently the result of a vehicle fire located nearby that resulted in blinding smoke.

Visibility is just one of many potential causes of car accidents. accidents. Often, multiple factors contribute to crashes such as this one, such as driver distraction and speed.Whether that is the case in this accident remains to be seen.

When someone is hurt in motor vehicle accident they may be unsure of how to proceed. Dealing with physical injuries along with all of the accompanying emotions can be difficult. For some in that situation contemplating adding the stress of taking legal action feels overwhelming. This should not stop them from following through on this however. Contacting a lawyer who handles personal injury lawsuits could actually alleviate some of that stress by taking it off the shoulders of the person who was hurt.

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