Defective airbags lead to additional automobile recalls

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Products Liability

The idea behind airbags is that they will protect passengers who occupy the vehicles in which they are installed. Because of this it is particularly upsetting when the very things meant to keep people safe actually end up injuring them. This is exactly what is happening with some airbags installed in vehicles found in the United States. The airbags were manufactured in Japan.

Readers may be aware that tens of millions of cars were previously recalled because of the issue. Honda was one of the carmakers to participate in the earlier recall. Recently it announced the recall of 4.89 million more cars. Since 2008 it has recalled 11.4 million automobiles due to this reason.

The issues with the airbags have to do with how they deploy. Problems with moisture seeping into the airbag are being blamed for the problem. It is possible that the “abnormal” inflation could result in shrapnel being flung at passengers. Being struck with fast flying metal fragments could inflict serious injuries to the people who are in their path. In the worst cases it could even cause death. In fact, so far five deaths have been attributed to the problem.

Consumers expect that the goods they purchase will work as intended and not inflict injury. When their use does cause a person to be hurt a product liability lawsuit could be appropriate. Because lawsuits of this nature often complex in these matters it is vital to work with a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of how to approach this type of case.

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