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What is contributory negligence?

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, from inclement weather to aggressive driving. Whenever an accident occurs, it is important for those harmed by the accident to understand their legal rights when it comes to compensation. This, of course, is the purpose of personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

Were you injured by a driver addicted to technology?

Of all the highway safety issues we face nowadays, the one that is spoken of perhaps the most is distracted driving. As readers know, distracted driving can come in many forms. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving distractions can be classified into several groups: visual, cognitive and manual.  Distractions stemming from cell phone use are probably the most common and can involve all three categories of distraction.

Installing Child Car Seats: Which Cars Make it Easy?

Not all LATCHes are created equal.  A standard setup of connections for child car seats --referred to as LATCH--has been required by the federal government since 2002.  Now comes a study that shows not all car manufacturers make it easy for parents to use those connections so they can properly install car seats.

Holding trucking companies responsible for safety violations, P.2

In our last post, we mentioned that the fines associated with federal commercial vehicle safety regulations have increased, and that the increase in fines will likely cause trucking companies to think twice before turning a blind eye to safety violations. As we noted, though, violation of federal safety rules can result in more than just fines.

Holding trucking companies responsible for safety violations, P.1

Readers are probably all aware that there is a federal agency dedicated to monitoring motor vehicle accidents involving commercial vehicles such as large trucks and passenger buses. That agency, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is responsible for enforcing federal safety regulations and keeps a particularly close watch on drivers and trucking companies with poor safety compliance. These regulations relate to things like vehicle maintenance, driver screening, hours of service, transport of hazardous materials, and cargo securement.

Civil lawsuit pending in case of Alabama nursing home abuse

There is no question that elderly or disabled individuals should be treated well by those who care for them. In fact for many people charged with finding a place for a loved one to live, their main focus is making sure that they end up in a place where they will not be abused or neglected. Unfortunately, even when that is a focus while looking for a nursing home, it is possible that once living there, a resident could face behaviors that fall into those categories.

Would standard collision avoidance systems reduce car crashes?

It may be hard for some to imagine but technology is playing a greater role in vehicle safety each and every year. Several decades ago the notion of collision avoidance systems likely seemed like an idea that could never actually come to fruition. Despite this, because of the belief that such systems could prevent injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents, the technology now does exist.

When products are defective a recall may be issued

When most people in the state of Alabama make a purchase, they likely spend little, if any, time considering ways in which the item might inflict harm. Whether any consideration is given to it or not, people are still hurt as a result of using defective products they way there were intended to be used. The severity of the injuries suffered in such an incident can range from minor to serious and can lead to mounting medical bills and related expenses. 

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