When products are defective a recall may be issued

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2015 | Products Liability

When most people in the state of Alabama make a purchase, they likely spend little, if any, time considering ways in which the item might inflict harm. Whether any consideration is given to it or not, people are still hurt as a result of using defective products they way there were intended to be used. The severity of the injuries suffered in such an incident can range from minor to serious and can lead to mounting medical bills and related expenses. 

Sometimes, after consumers are injured a business will issue a recall. There are multiple ways in which something could be recalled and a government agency is involved. Depending on what the product defect is, the recall could include taking a product off the market or retro fitting it for free.

While some recalls are widely publicized, this is not always the case. Registering with the manufacturer following a purchase makes it easy for them to contact you if a problem arises. Likewise, signing up for recall emails or looking online to see if a particular product has been recalled are two ways of staying on top of the matter. Holding on to packaging can make it easier to determine whether the product that has been recalled is in fact the one you have.

Following news of a product recall the instructions pertaining to the recall should be followed. If you, or a loved one, were seriously hurt in the incident it is possible that you could receive financial compensation for your damages. These types of cases are complex and require the assistance of an attorney who understands the process.

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