Would standard collision avoidance systems reduce car crashes?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2015 | Car Accidents

It may be hard for some to imagine but technology is playing a greater role in vehicle safety each and every year. Several decades ago the notion of collision avoidance systems likely seemed like an idea that could never actually come to fruition. Despite this, because of the belief that such systems could prevent injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents, the technology now does exist.

The National Transportation Safety Board is particularly interested in keeping the nation’s road safe. Accordingly, it would like to make collision avoidance systems standard on all new commercial and passenger vehicles.

These systems can do various things. For example, some let drivers know when the vehicle has gone into another lane. Others provide drivers a warning about when a crash is imminent and may help the person behind the wheel to stop the vehicle.

Specifically the NTSB would like collision avoidance systems to become standard eventually followed by autonomous emergency braking systems.

To support the use of these safety techniques the NTSB provided statistics that indicated that the use of collision avoidance systems could mitigate the severity of more than 80 percent of the rear-end motor vehicle accidents that occur each year.

Whether the recommendation will be acted upon remains to be seen.

When a car accident results in serious injuries the life of those involved in a crash can find that their life is dramatically changed. Healing from the injuries can take a great deal of time and result in unexpected expenses. Those who find themselves in this situation could find that legal action makes sense.

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