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FDA Warns Against Drug Mix-ups

The FDA is warning doctors, pharmacists and patients about how easy it is to mix up drugs that have similar brand names.  Specifically, the FDA reports there has been confusion between the antidepressant Brintellix and anti-blood clotting medication Brilinta that has resulted in the wrong medication being prescribed or dispensed.

Recognizing nursing home neglect, P.1

Most people don’t think about it much until we hear something in the news, but elder abuse is an unfortunate reality in nursing homes and other facilities for the aged. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, elder abuse is estimated to affect between 1 and 2 million Americans age 65 and older. The type of abuse varies, but includes physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect.

Wrongful death: seeking damages for the death of a loved one

In our previous post, we looked at some of the statistics concerning the rate of fatality in car accidents here in Alabama. As we saw, the fatality rate in this state is significantly higher than the national average, and a big reason for this is the lack of appropriate, nearby medical care in rural areas.

Alabama ranks high in terms of fatal car accidents

Car accidents are ubiquitous and drivers take a risk of becoming involved in a crash wherever they travel. That being said, there are some states where the risk is higher than others. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Alabama is among the most dangerous places to travel in the nation, though this requires a bit of explanation.

Recognizing nursing home neglect, P.2

In one of our previous posts, we began discussing recognition of nursing home neglect and how nursing home care is regulated. As we mentioned, federal law specifies the standards of care for facilities accepting Medicare and Medicaid funding. States also regulate nursing home care. Here in Alabama, the agency that regulates licensing and/or certification of health care facilities, including nursing homes, is the Bureau of Health Provider Standards.

Congress considering measure to increase minimum trailer lengths for truckers, P.2

As we mentioned in our last post, lawmakers in both houses of Congress are currently considering a measure that would increase the minimum length requirements for semi-trucks hauling double-trailers. The proposal, which is largely supported by Republicans, has been criticized by safety advocates, who say that increasing the length of trailing units will increase the incidence of highway accidents due to increased trailer weights and bigger blind spots.

Congress considering measure to increase minimum trailer lengths for truckers

Trucking safety is something that matters to all drivers, since all of us share the road. When large trucks put other drivers at risk of becoming involved in an accident, it is a cause for concern. Truck safety regulations, both at the state and federal level, seek to ensure that gross risks associated with commercial trucks are eliminated. Federal commercial trucking regulations include a variety of rules aimed at trucking safety.

Popular Blood Thinner Can Be A Killer

The blood thinner Coumadin (or warfarin) is a widely used drug in this country. It is often prescribed for older adults for the prevention of strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. But its use must be closely monitored.  Too much can lead to internal bleeding. Too little can allow blood clots to form.

Agency investigates possibility of defective hitch in truck accident case

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal agency responsible for writing and enforcing motor vehicle safety standards, is currently conducting an investigation of a particular trailer hitch manufactured by Fontaine Fifth Wheel, a company based here in Alabama. The basis of the investigation is that there have been a fair number of trailer separations in cases where the hitch in question has been involved.

Your sleep medication could put you at risk of causing a car accident, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the risks sleep medications present for motorists because of how they affect driver alertness. One of the questions this discussion raises is how far liability would extend when a motorist is involved in an accident as a result of using sleeping medications, or any other medication.

Bicycle helmets and brain injury

Most bikers are aware of the risk of injury they face by getting on the roadway, and are more or less okay with it. Some cyclists choose to wear helmets and some do not, according to personal taste. From a safety perspective, of course, it is better to be safe and wear a helmet than to take a risk and be sorry for it when a mishap occurs.  

Your sleep medication could put you at risk of causing a car accident

Many of our readers know somebody who routinely takes sleeping pills or themselves take sleeping pills, at least on occasion. As an aid for getting better rest at night, such medication may work well, but there are certain risks, as with every drug. According to a recent study conducted at the University of Washington, increased risk of getting in a car accident may be one of these risks.  

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