The Price of a Deal

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When is a bargain no bargain at all?  When it endangers your health and safety.

A great many of the products sold on the cheap at Family Dollar and Dollar General (and similar dollar stores) contain toxic chemicals. That’s from several studies, including a 2015 study by The Campaign for Healthier Solutions.  In the latest study, the group found 133 of the 164 randomly selected products contained toxic substances. The sort of toxic stuff known to cause cancer, diabetes, learning disabilities, developmental delays and other serious illnesses.

Products tested include children’s toys, home decor and school and office supplies. Here’s an example of that they found:

“One of the products, the Polly Fashion Doll, was found to have 392,474 parts per million of chlorine (which indicates the use of polyvinyl chloride or PVC), four parts per million of lead and 30 parts per million of tin.  The doll sells for $1.90”.

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions does NOT say that Dollar General and Family Dollar are violating federal laws. Only that “these products fall into gaps in the federal Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976”. So, the Campaign is asking that dollar store chains voluntarily stop the sale of products with hazardous chemicals.

The report points out that dollar stores cater to low-income and rural residents – many of whom have no other shopping options.

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