Federal investigation into truck accident points to negligence

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At a recent public hearing, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board presented the culmination of their work regarding the June 2014 truck accident that left actor Tracy Morgan with a serious brain injury.

As readers may know, the actor was traveling in a limousine van when a Walmart truck rear-ended him last summer. The impact overturned the van, trapping the actor and six other people inside until emergency workers were able to cut away a section of plywood panel separating the cab from the passenger compartment.

Although proving liability in a personal injury lawsuit is the function of the jury, many news reports have characterized the truck driver as at fault, and for several reasons. First, the truck was traveling approximately 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, and the driver failed to slow down even as he approached a construction zone where traffic was congested. It was there that the collision occurred.

In their recent public presentation, NTSB investigators confirmed some aspects of public opinion, citing the truck driver’s fatigue as the primary cause of the accident. That finding may be of use to survivors of the crash who are pursuing full and fair compensation for their injuries. 

In a typical motor vehicle accident lawsuit, our attorneys undertake a comprehensive investigation, examining all sources to gain a complete understanding of the accident. That investigation may include interviewing witnesses, hiring crash analysts or other professionals to review the crash scene, and consulting with medical professionals to accurately estimate a victim’s expenses arising from his or her injuries. Notably, that damage estimate includes not only past and current medical costs, but also future expenses, such as reduced or lost wages and long-term care needs. 

Source: The New York Times, “Tracy Morgan Crash Largely Result of Truck Driver’s Fatigue, Regulators Say,” Benjamin Mueller, Aug. 11, 2015

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