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Can negligent monitoring result in brain injury to a patient?

Taking one’s eyes away from a patient’s vital signs or leaving a patient unattended might result in missed cues or a delayed medical response. For example, if such inattention resulted in several minutes of oxygen deprivation to a patient, there may be a serious risk of brain injury or damage.

What are your legal options when a dangerous car causes injury?

Under Alabama law, the injury, death or property damage resulting from a faulty product may involve product liability. Section 6-5-501 specifically lists several types of claims, premised on actions such as negligence, misrepresentation, a manufacturer’s liability doctrine, or a breach of warranty. Notably, the law also precludes the defenses of contribution and indemnity.

Does brain injury at a young age require special care?

Not all brain injury might be the result of an accident that resulted in adult head trauma, such as a slip and fall or a motor vehicle crash. In fact, brain damage can happen at any age, even to a newborn. One condition, called congenital cerebral palsy, might happen during birthing due to a doctor’s error. However, CP can also develop during the pregnancy or in the days, weeks, or even years following the birth.

Can a drunk driving accident claim be favorably settled?

Alabama authorities seem to continually step up their aggressive enforcement and prosecution of drunk driving laws, and for good reason. The human cost alone of drunk driving crashes is immeasurable, resulting in avoidable injuries or even wrongful deaths. Yet as a recent article reminds us, the societal cost of impaired driving is also staggering. 

Do pedestrian accidents present unique issues of law?

Among the different groups of road users, data maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that pedestrian fatalities and traffic-related injuries are among the few that have not decreased in recent years, subject to some fluctuations. In the studies, the NHTSA defined a pedestrian as any individual who was on foot, sitting or lying down while involved in a motor vehicle traffic accident. 

Does resident-on-resident violence constitute nursing home abuse?

Readers may associate nursing home neglect or abuse as involving only the actions of medical professionals or other facility staff. However, a recent story illuminates another area of potential abuse at these facilities, brought on by other residents.

Inequalities of Car Crash Deaths

For many years the number of people who die in the United States in car crashes has been dropping. Credit for the substantial decline is often given to improvements in vehicle engineering, road design, emergency room care and road safety laws.  The problem is those improvements have not been universally shared in this country.  That means that the drop in traffic fatalities has not been universally shared either.

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