Tire Recall System “Completely Broken”

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Defective Products

Consumers are at risk because most defective tires are not getting pulled off the road.  That’s because the tire recall system is “completely broken”, according to federal investigators.

The National Traffic Safety Board issued a report this week that says only 1 in 5 defective tires is being removed from the road through the safety recall process. Another 24% of recalled tires are taken off the road for other reasons – normal wear and tear or damage.  That leaves nearly 56% of defective recalled tires still on the roadways.

Normally when a vehicle is recalled by a manufacturer, the manufacturer is required to contact the owners of the models at risk and fix the problem at their cost.  NTSB says that’s just not possible for tires because tire manufacturers don’t have the means to contact tire owners about recalls.  Right now there is no requirement for tire dealers to register the products they sell with the manufacturer and so they rarely take the time to do so.

 That’s why NTSB is pushing Congress to pass a law that would require the registration of new tires.

At present, consumers can register their tires with the manufacturers on their own but very few consumers know to do this.

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