Are Alabama’s roads and highways safe from drunk drivers?

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Although drivers may consider themselves to be safe behind the wheel, a recent story reminds us that negligence can surface in unexpected ways.

Specifically, an assistant district attorney in Blount County, Alabama was arrested for driving under the influence in the early hours of a recent Saturday morning. The attorney allegedly had been drinking just a few hours earlier, into the late hours of Friday night. Unfortunately, it appears the attorney was not in a position to drive safely, and she drove her vehicle into a utility pole. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the attorney in the driver’s seat, two passengers outside the vehicle, and one male passenger still inside and apparently unconscious. 

It goes without saying that most lawyers would not intentionally jeopardize their law license and careers with a DUI charge. A district attorney position, in particular, is associated with the protection of the public’s safety. However, individuals continue to make the mistake of drinking too much in social settings, to a point where their driving will be impaired. As a result, Alabama’s roads and highways continue to be site of drunk driving accidents. 

Although the criminal justice system has a procedure for dealing with DUI charges, the task of seeking compensation for victims injured by a drunk driver usually falls to a personal injury law firm. Out attorneys focus on motor vehicle accidents, including DUI crashes. As trial attorneys, we can provide aggressive representation in seeking an adequate recovery for anyone injured because of a drunk driver.

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