Does a class action settlement bar product liability claims?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2015 | Products Liability

Readers may have heard about a $30 million settlement involving gun maker Taurus International and the plaintiffs in a product liability class action lawsuit. The company agreed to that sum to settle claims about an allegedly defective trigger design in nine types of Taurus pistols. Around 1 million pistols are implicated by the class action litigation.

The settlement also provides that owners of one of the pistols covered by the settlement can return their product for repairs or cash. A settlement website has also been established to provide more guidance about this voluntary recall. Notably, the settlement did not require the gun maker to admit that its design was defective.

However, Taurus has not seen the end of litigation, as an Alabama man recently filed a new lawsuit against the gun maker. According to the complaint, the man’s Taurus semi-automatic fired as he was loading a magazine into it, even though the man never touched the trigger. Tragically, the man’s 11-year-old son was killed by the shot, and his wife was injured.

The gun at issue was one of the nine design models covered by the settlement. However, one commentator says the gun maker did not go far enough. Although Taurus stopped manufacturing the nine gun models, it allegedly continued to sell previously stocked inventory. That may explain why additional reports of injury, like the instant story, continue to surface against Taurus. 

Going up against a big company can be intimidating. However, our law firm has experience in filings claims arising from defective products. We understand the evidence needed to prepare a strong case, as well as  compensation that an injured consumer should seek in the complaint’s prayer for relief.

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