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Long-term care costs after head injury could add up for victim

While any injury has the potential of creating lifelong complications, there are some that have more serious implications than others. For example, an injury to the head can alter a person's life forever. The long-term care costs alone can quickly drain an Alabama family's finances. One out-of-state man may be facing these costs after he was injured by an exploding tire.

Social media used in nursing home abuse

Most people in Alabama would likely say that their parent or other family member played a significant role in their life. As such, they want to return that love and care when a loved one becomes unable to care for him or herself. Unfortunately, many people must ultimately make the difficult decision to place their family member in a nursing home or other care facility when the family member's need exceed a person's care capabilities. Adding additional stress to these families members is the prevalence of nursing home abuse.  

Products liability: Children can be injured by dangerous toys

December is an exciting time for children in Alabama. Parents often plan and save for months in order to buy their children the perfect gift for the holiday season. Despite the thoughtfulness of a gift and the amount of effort put into obtaining it, there are many children who are injured each year as a result of dangerous, defective toys. In these cases, a products liability lawsuit may be appropriate.

Alabama alcohol-related crashes: Arrest follows serious crash

The potential consequences of drinking and driving are well-known. However, people still make the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol, causing alcohol-related crashes. Unfortunately, a reckless decision such as this can leave other innocent people suffering the consequences. One man in Alabama was recently arrested after police said he caused an accident that injured four people.

The standard of medical care for concussions may be uneven

A recent article suggests that there is growing public concern over brain injuries caused by concussions. That attitude is perhaps a reflection of the media attention over the class action lawsuit brought by retired NFL players. The class action complaint alleged improper diagnosis and care of brain injuries, as well as inadequate warnings. A $1 billion settlement resolved that litigation, but many questions remain about the diagnosis and treatment of brain injury resulting from head trauma.

Some holiday gifts might be better left on the shelves

It’s the time of year when consumers are likely shopping for the perfect holiday gifts for friends and loved ones. Although each holiday season may promise new gift innovations, some may come with the risk of a product liability claim.

Could a drug maker be liable for off-label uses of its product?

Expecting mothers often go to great lengths to protect the health of their developing child. Such proactive measures may include dietary restrictions; prenatal care visits and other health best practices. Imagine, then, the heartbreak that the parents in a recent product liability lawsuit must have felt after discovering that the medication they took during their pregnancy may have resulted in birth defects.

Does a product liability claim require physical injury?

Readers may more commonly associate product liability claims with auto recalls or equipment. However, it’s important to remember that nearly any type of dangerous or defective product that causes injury may fall under product liability laws. That umbrella includes prescription drugs that cause harmful, unintended side effects, adverse reactions, or possibly even those that fail to work as advertised.

What's in the New Transportation Bill?

The price tag ($300 billion) may be getting all the attention, but for those of us who represent people who have been hurt or killed on our nation's highways, there are some golden nuggets in the new transportation bill passed overwhelmingly by Congress yesterday and on its way to President Obama for his signature.

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