Products liability: Children can be injured by dangerous toys

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December is an exciting time for children in Alabama. Parents often plan and save for months in order to buy their children the perfect gift for the holiday season. Despite the thoughtfulness of a gift and the amount of effort put into obtaining it, there are many children who are injured each year as a result of dangerous, defective toys. In these cases, a products liability lawsuit may be appropriate.

There are a number of potential hazards that toys can pose for children. For example, a dangerous toy-related injury is choking. Beyond this, children could be at risk for lead poisoning as a result of materials used in the toy. Approximately one million toys were recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2007 as a result of lead paint used in Hot Wheels and Barbie dolls — toys that are found in many households in Alabama.

However, potential hazards could arise as a result of other issues. For example, the design of the toy could be defective. Additionally, the product could come with poor directions or be made from defective parts.

These issues could be the result of negligence and/or breach of warranty. While the purpose of recalls is to remove dangerous products from the shelves, they often come after a person — or several people — have been injured. Fortunately, those injured by such products have legal options available, including the option of filing a products liability lawsuit. A professional with experience concerning such cases in Alabama can help victims better understand their options and take appropriate action, potentially preventing others from being similarly harmed.

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