Some holiday gifts might be better left on the shelves

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It’s the time of year when consumers are likely shopping for the perfect holiday gifts for friends and loved ones. Although each holiday season may promise new gift innovations, some may come with the risk of a product liability claim.

According to a recent story, consumers in Alabama and several other states have brought complaints against the manufacturer of a self-balancing, electric skateboard. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the product has been linked to 29 injuries for which treatment was sought in local emergency rooms, including sprains, contusions, arm injuries and a head injury.

As a law firm that focuses on product liability law, we work to hold manufacturers accountable for defective products. That accountability may require a formal claim, to the extent the product is not the subject of a recall and a fund has not already been set up to cover the costs of injuries. It may seem aggressive to bring a lawsuit against a manufacturer, but doing so not only protects a consumer’s individual rights, but potentially the safety of other consumers. In fact, this type of lawsuit is a key way that both the public and lawmakers are put on notice of the need to pass regulations or laws to better protect consumers.

Since a dispute over product design might involve technical language and/or schematics, our law firm strives to utilize technology to present such information in a visual manner to jurors. Methods such as “Sanction” and “Case Map” are just two examples of the litigation tools at our disposal that can help juries better understand why a manufacturer should be held accountable.

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