Tips for motorcyclists to safely navigate traffic conditions

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Drivers may owe a duty of care to others sharing the road, but even that mutual responsibility may not be enough to protect motorcyclists. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle collides with a larger motor vehicle, size often dictates the outcome. Even with a helmet, the risk of being thrown and suffering a head or brain injury is great.

At least one advocacy group is taking a more proactive approach. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recently published a safety contract on its website. The document outlines several safety areas, including defensive driving tips for motorcyclists. 

According to the MSF, more than awareness is required for a motorcyclist to safely navigate traffic. In addition, a rider must also manage known risks, such as the reduced protection available in a motorcycle crash and less visibility to other riders. The MSF recommends a two-second minimum following distance, a head-check when changing lanes, and taking corners slowly. In addition, the MSF advocates for periodic training courses to refresh a motorcyclist’s skills and knowledge.

As a law firm that focuses on personal injury claims, including motorcycle accidents, we unfortunately have acquired first-hand context to understand the phrase, “start seeing motorcycles.” Thousands of motorcycle accidents happen every year on the states roads and highways. In cases where we have prevailed on behalf of a motorcycle crash victim, too often the excuse offered by the defendant is that he or she just didn’t see the motorcyclist. We want all motorcyclists to adopt proactive safety approaches and defensive driving strategies, and we will continue to fight for the rights of those who are injured by other negligent drivers. 

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