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Is informed consent more difficult with brain injuries?

A patient wants to know about any possible symptoms he or she may experience arising from a condition.  Indeed, some research indicates that patients are more aggressive in suing doctors if they felt like information was withheld from them. Said another way, patients may be able to accept consequences if they had informed consent, provided that the care they received was not negligent.

Can a car crash give rise to a product liability claim?

With spring break in full swing, college students all across America may be taking road trips in vehicles that, from their appearance, might seem unequipped for the trip. Hopefully, those trips will be accident free. But if any trips do end in a crash, here are some important legal tips.

$4 Million Houston County Verdict

In 2007, 77-year-old Thomas Doster was found on the floor of his hospital room after a fall.  A review of his medical records and a state investigation revealed that he was supposed to be in restraints at the time of the fall because he was such a high fall risk. 

Could wearable technology prevent nursing home neglect?

When it comes to using technology to improve patient safety, electronic health records may be only the beginning. According to a recent article, devices worn by patients, or wearable technology, might also be used to transmit vital data to health care professionals. As technology improves, wearing such devices also becomes less intrusive. 

Are there real dangers associated with daylight saving time?

According to studies of car accidents, work accidents and sleep deprivation, the answer is "yes." While not everyone may believe that losing one hour of sleep is enough to cause serious problems, research shows that some accidents do spike during the week of daylight saving time in March.

Are police officers beyond the reach of a wrongful death claim?

No one should be beyond the reach of the law if his or her negligent actions resulted in the injury or death of another. Our personal injury and wrongful death law firm takes this mission to heart, as a recent case victory against a former Alabama police officer illustrates. 

Farming accidents can leave workers permanently injured

Farm work is dangerous. In fact, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) names agriculture as one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S. If you work in any type of agricultural job, this comes as no surprise. But do you know your rights if you are injured as a farm worker?

Can cellular data help to settle a wrongful death lawsuit?

The recent television dramatization of the O.J. Simpson trial is an important reminder that an individual may face both criminal and civil liability for alleged wrongdoing. An Alabama man accused of drunk driving is learning this hard lesson firsthand. 

St. Patrick's Day means an increase in drunk driving

During the St. Patrick's Day holiday period, the risk of drunk driving accidents increases. The holiday falls on March 17th, but the weekends before and after St. Patrick's Day are also dangerous. While bars will be full of celebrators on the 17th, many people hold St. Patrick's Day parties on the weekends.

Who is liable when a contaminated medical device causes injury?

If an infected medial device injures a patient, should the manufacturer be liable under a products liability claim? For example, are some devices unreasonably difficult to sterilize or clean? The answer requires more factual context. 

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