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What laws apply to claims of nursing home neglect or abuse?

The staff obligations at a nursing home or assisted care facility are greater than at an apartment complex or other residential facility. Due to the special needs of elderly residents, a nursing home should be staffed with professionals who are able to provide adequate supervision and medical care. The failure to have these resources on hand could give rise to a negligence claim.

New treatment offers hope to brain injury victims

For brain injury victims, a new treatment offers promise. Championed by hockey legend Gordie Howe, the approach uses adult stem cells in patients who have been diagnosed with moderate or severe traumatic brain injury. The stem cells are taken from bone marrow donated by adult volunteers. The treatment, called the Gordie Howe Initiative, is intended to reduce inflammation while avoiding an immune response trigger.

Alabama safety initiative sets up new traffic checkpoints

Readers may be familiar with drunk driving checkpoints, but Huntsville, Alabama police officials recently added a new spin to this approach by setting up traffic safety checkpoints. Officials analyzed data to identify heavy crash locations, and then set up police in those designated areas. If an individual is stopped at one of these checkpoints, he or she should be prepared to present a driver’s license, vehicle tag registrations and proof of insurance.

$20 Million Etowah County Verdict

An Etowah County jury today returned a $20 million verdict against HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Gadsden in a medical malpractice case.  The case was tried by MRB attorneys David Marsh and Rip Andrews. They were assisted by co-counsel Bruce Downey.

Are workplace accidents a source of brain injuries?

Brain injuries result from more than just car accidents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the U.S. Department of Labor, around three million Americans each year are injured in their workplaces. Some of the most common injuries include slip-and falls, collisions with objects or equipment, and falls from heights. Each of those categories could potentially result in brain trauma or injury.

Do product liability lawsuits over car defects help the public?

Although products may not always live up to their advertising hype, consumers have a right to expect their products to be safe. When a defective design or faulty part poses a danger, consumers are often the ones who suffer the consequences. That risk is particularly great for motor vehicle defects.

Trucking accidents and cargo spills present hazards for drivers

When commercial-sized trucks crash, the damage they can cause is often extensive. And unfortunately, because commercial trucks are so heavy and so much larger than other vehicles, it is the other motorists involved in the accident who typically suffer the brunt of the damage.

Medical Error: Third Leading Cause of Death

Medical error kills more people in the United States than accidents, strokes, Alzheimer's disease or suicide.  Yet medical error is rarely talked about in those terms and as a result, doesn't get the public attention it deserves.

Can a settlement be a good outcome in a car accident lawsuit?

In last week’s post, we discussed how some lawmakers are considering punishments for distracted driving that are comparable to drunk driving laws.  A recent settlement illustrates that the court system may look just as unkindly on distracted drivers and the injuries they may inflict.

Is texting behind the wheel the new drunk driving?

Would you get into a car with a drunk driver? Societal attitudes about drinking and driving generally discourage such behavior. The attitude may be a reflection of both the tough enforcement of drunk driving offenses by authorities, as well as public awareness of the serious or even fatal injuries that can result from a drunk driving crash. 

Playground Concussions are on the Rise

The number of children treated in emergency rooms for traumatic brain injuries sustained on the playground has increased significantly in the last two decades.  According to a new government study, the playground equipment most commonly involved in concussions included monkey bars and swings.

Are brain injury victims unaware of their long-term symptoms?

If you are one of the 1.7 million Americans who suffered a traumatic brain injury last year, your path to recovery may not be a direct one. In fact, recent research suggests that there may be extended consequences, with symptoms persisting up to 18 months after the TBI. 

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