Getting justice for an injured child

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When a child is injured, parents feel a range of emotions: anger, fear, guilt, confusion. They want to know what caused their child’s injury and who is responsible. And they want to know how the injury will affect the rest of their child’s life.

It’s understandable. Parents want to protect their children from harm. Unfortunately, there are some accidents and injuries that parents cannot foresee or prevent.

Common reasons for injuries to children

Many types of accidents or negligence can lead to injuries, including:

  • Choking hazards – Choking on small objects is especially common in children under age three. Dangerous toys may have small removable parts or batteries that cause a child to choke.
  • Toxins – If children are exposed to lead or other toxins, they can become ill. Lead poisoning is still a danger today if children ingest lead paint dust or other objects containing lead.
  • Dangerous or defective toys – Hoverboards and drones/unmanned aerial vehicles are recent examples of dangerous toys that caused injuries. Additionally, toys that cause excessive noise can be dangerous to a young child’s hearing.
  • Household objects – Large flat-screen televisions that are not properly mounted can tip over on a small child. Cords on blinds and draperies can choke or suffocate a child. Appliances that lack safety guards can result in burn injuries or electric shock injuries.
  • Vehicle accidents – Children can be injured in accidents on school buses, bikes or in pedestrian zones.
  • Recreational accidents – Sports injuries, playground accidents and swimming accidents can cause serious injuries to children of any age.

Who is responsible?

Manufacturers may be responsible in cases of dangerous or defective products. Drivers who cause bus, bicycle or pedestrian accidents are responsible parties in these cases. Property owners, schools or youth organizations may be responsible for recreational accidents. It is important to remember that each case is unique, however.

Finding the negligent party may be difficult, depending on the reason the child was injured. In some cases, getting answers requires help from an attorney who can investigate the case for you and hold the liable party accountable. A lawyer can help you get the answers and compensation your family needs.

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