Make sure you have the right car seat for your child

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Car seat use protects young children, but only if parents use car seats correctly. You want your kids to be safe, but to do that you must keep up with changing car seat guidelines.

This information changes frequently, and you may need to update yourself if you haven’t purchased a car seat in a couple of years. Read more to learn about the current guidelines for correct car seat use.

There are three basic types of car seats:

  • Rear-facing – These seats are for infants and children up to age 2.
  • Forward-facing – Children between ages 2 and 5 should use these seats.
  • Booster seats – From age 5 until they fit correctly in a seat belt, parents should put their children in a booster seat.

For more details about the types of car seats and their correct use, visit’s page. It also provides helpful tips that simplify the process of buying and installing a car seat.

Additional car safety issues

Car seats must be designed and built properly to keep children safe. If a car seat is defective, your child may suffer an injury. In these instances, you may seek compensation from parties such as the manufacturer, designer, distributor and seller of the defective product. Product liability cases are complex, so it is best to speak with a lawyer to learn your rights and options.

Some car accidents result in child injuries regardless of whether the car seat works properly. In child injury cases, parents need to look ahead to how the injury may affect the child long-term. An accurate assessment of the child’s needs is critical for obtaining sufficient compensation for medical bills, special needs, medical equipment, and pain and suffering. These cases also typically require the assistance of an attorney.

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