Trucking accidents and cargo spills present hazards for drivers

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Truck Accidents

When commercial-sized trucks crash, the damage they can cause is often extensive. And unfortunately, because commercial trucks are so heavy and so much larger than other vehicles, it is the other motorists involved in the accident who typically suffer the brunt of the damage.

However, it is not just the impact of a crash that can put Alabama motorists in danger. Tractor-trailers are typically carrying heavy and/or toxic cargo, which can create a major hazard in the event of a rollover or spill.

Recently, for example, a truck crashed and spilled an estimated 300 gallons of battery acid. According to this news report, the truck was apparently transporting 30,000 pounds of commercial batteries, which somehow shifted while the truck navigated a curve in the road. The shift in weight caused the truck to roll over.

Luckily, no one was killed in the accident. However, similar accidents often have much more serious consequences.

When hazardous cargo spills, it creates not just an obstacle in the road that other motorists cannot avoid, it also creates a potential threat to the safety of anyone in the area who comes into contact with it or breathes it in. Even if people are able to avoid the initial crash, they can still suffer injuries and illnesses due to the spilled cargo.

For these reasons, it is crucial that truck drivers and owners take the necessary steps to secure cargo and make sure it is safe to transport. Unfortunately, too many people fail to do this, putting other people’s safety and welfare in serious jeopardy.

If you have suffered an illness or injury as a result of a truck accident or cargo spill, it can be crucial that you know your legal rights to pursue compensation from a negligent party. Discussing your options with an attorney can help you assess the situation and figure out what to do to protect yourself.

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