Drive Safe Alabama releases top 10 safe driving tips

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Car Accidents

With summer comes road trips: family vacations, friends headed to concerts, fans going to the racetrack and countless trips to the beach. Whether your road trip takes you far from home or just to the next city, there are simple steps you can follow to make the trip safer.

Drive Safe Alabama is part of the Alabama Department of Transportation. It is dedicated to improving safety for all drivers and passengers of cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. Learn what you can do to keep yourself, your family and your friends safe.

Take care on the road by following these tips

  • Don’t skip the simple things. Always wear your seat belt, regardless of how far you’re driving.
  • Put children in the right type of car or booster seat for their age and height.
  • Watch for and obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Leave the phone alone — texting and driving can be catastrophic.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Even one or two drinks can impair a person’s ability to drive.
  • Construction zone? Obey speed limits and watch for workers and construction vehicles.
  • Watch out for motorcycles and bicycles. They are more difficult to see than cars and trucks.
  • Take breaks on long trips. Drive Safe Alabama recommends that drivers stop for a break approximately every two hours or 100 miles.
  • Train crossing? Stop and look carefully before crossing the tracks.

Of course, you can follow all of the rules and still be in an accident. If you are hit by another vehicle, you have rights. Speaking with a lawyer is the best way to learn what type of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

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