July 2016 Archives

Two recent pool accidents highlight the need for pool safety

Two swimming pool accidents with tragic results this week in Alabama are a reminder that everyone needs to take precautions around pools. In Homewood, a two-year-old boy drowned in a pool at his apartment complex. A 12-year-old girl drowned in a pool in Mobile when she slipped and fell into it.

Is cell phone addiction a menace to road safety?

A driver who makes the unsafe choice of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol beyond the legal limit may face a number of consequences. Hopefully that negligent choice will not result in injury to others or a crash. Yet an individual who repeatedly makes this unlawful decision may need to seek rehabilitation and treatment for alcohol addiction.

Startling rates of injuries reported at rehab hospitals

Rehabilitation hospitals are meant to help patients who need a longer period to recover from surgery and certain injuries. Unfortunately, a new report shows that these facilities may not provide adequate care for patients.

Think You're Seeing More and More Cancer Center Ads? That Would Be a Yes.

Over the last few years, the amount of advertising aimed directly to the consumer by cancer centers has skyrocketed. But are these ads giving consumers the information they need?

Does a healthy economy encourage negligent driving and crashes?

Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2015 indicates that fatal crashes rose by 7.7 percent. The increase was even worse for fatal motorcycle accidents, bicycle fatalities and pedestrian deaths. In fact, the combined fatalities made 2015 the deadliest year since 2008.

A new distraction for drivers: Pokémon Go

Nintendo's new game, Pokémon Go, has only been available for about a week, but it has already caused numerous problems for players. Reports of people injuring themselves and being robbed came out within a few days of the game's release. Now there's a new danger: distracted drivers.

Danger posed by defective air bags may have been underestimated

Although many consumers enjoy shopping, few enjoy taking a product in for repairs. In the event of a product recall, the defect will be repaired free of charge. Even then, however, the scheduling might be a hassle that consumers may avoid or put off.

Car conversations: better to be impolite than negligent

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examining the causes of distracted driving accidents reveals a surprising result: The leading cause of distracted auto crashes is not driver cell phone use, but conversations with one or more passengers. Specifically, conversations were to blame in around 57 percent of the distracted driving crashes in the study, compared to only 12 percent of cell phone related crashes. The results were based on NHTSA analysts’ review of crash survey data over a two-year period.

Drunk driving victims may have easier access to evidence

An individual simply cannot fulfill his or her duty of safe driving after drinking beyond the legal limit. Our personal injury law firm has seen firsthand the serious or fatal injuries that result from drunk driving accidents. That experience has persuaded us that more needs to be done. A personal injury lawsuit is one way that victims of a drunk driving crash can force the negligent driver to answer for his or her actions in a court of law. However, that proceeding is after-the fact. Fortunately, officials are taking a more proactive approach.

Important news for Honda and Acura owners: airbag recall

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a critical warning regarding the airbags in some Honda and Acura vehicles. NHTSA says owners of these vehicles should not drive them unless the airbag has been replaced.

Could a gun accident give rise to product liability?

Gun control has been a charged political subject of late, addressed not only by candidates in the presidential race, but also in response to the tragedy of mass shootings. One of the talking points has involved an aspect of product liability law: whether gun manufacturers should have absolute immunity.

2 vehicles collide, 1 rolls over in Birmingham crash

A car accident in Birmingham, Alabama has left three people with injuries that required hospitalization. The wreck occurred in what appears to be a parking lot and one of the vehicles involved in the crash was overturned in the wreck. The header image of our source article shows the carnage on full display.

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