2 vehicles collide, 1 rolls over in Birmingham crash

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A car accident in Birmingham, Alabama has left three people with injuries that required hospitalization. The wreck occurred in what appears to be a parking lot and one of the vehicles involved in the crash was overturned in the wreck. The header image of our source article shows the carnage on full display.

Other than that, there are few details about this crash. How did it happen? What injuries were suffered by the people who were hospitalized? What have the police found at the scene of the accident? Is there negligence or recklessness at play in the crash? At the moment, all of these questions will be left unanswered.

What we can take away from this accident applies to rollover accidents and overturned vehicles in general. When these type of wrecks occur or these circumstances are involved, the people in the overturned vehicle can suffer unique injuries that are especially painful and life-altering. Upper body injuries, neck injuries and head injuries are common in these wrecks, and the effects that these injuries have on the victim can be catastrophic. A victim could become paralyzed or unable to do things that he or she did before as a result of a rollover wreck or an overturned vehicle.

In many wrecks like this, one of the drivers involved is inattentive, distracted or otherwise reckless. Such a driver can be held liable by the victims of the accident in civil court. The victims could request compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering and property damage.

Source: ABC 33 40, “Car overturned in two-vehicle crash in Birmingham, 3 injured,” June 29, 2016

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