Is cell phone addiction a menace to road safety?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2016 | Car Accidents

A driver who makes the unsafe choice of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol beyond the legal limit may face a number of consequences. Hopefully that negligent choice will not result in injury to others or a crash. Yet an individual who repeatedly makes this unlawful decision may need to seek rehabilitation and treatment for alcohol addiction.

Of course, temptation is not always chemically related. In a recent example, a driver was apparently unable to stop playing Pokemon GO on his smartphone. The 28-year-old driver learned a hard lesson after crashing his vehicle into a tree on the side of the road. Fortunately, his negligence did not affect any other individuals or vehicles. 

Sadly, laws against using a handheld cellphone behind the wheel have not achieved complete deterrence. Our law firm has helped many victims of distracted driving pursue the compensation they deserve. Proving negligence is facilitated when there is evidence of cell phone use immediately prior to a crash. Yet a victim must also support his or her request for compensation.

Notably, insurance companies may come forward in a distracted driving case with an offer to cover medical costs. However, a crash victim may deserve much more than that. Our attorneys will review an accident victim’s claim to gain a complete picture of his or her path to recovery and the full lifestyle impact. Based on that review, we may advise a client to seek compensation for long-term care costs, emotional trauma, lost wages, and other damages. Our personal injury attorneys understand the true economic costs of a motor vehicle accident.

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