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Safety council predicts dangerous roads over Labor Day holiday

Are American drivers taking new vehicular safety features for granted? Innovations like blind spot alerts, automatic braking, airbags, hands-free technology and backup cameras are intended to improve safe driving behaviors. Yet according to a recent warning from the National Safety Council, the approaching Labor Day holiday could be the deadliest since 2008. The council predicts that over 400 traffic fatalities will occur over the upcoming three-day weekend.

Country Fresh recalls vegetables in Alabama over listeria concerns

If you purchased fresh cut vegetables sold by Country Fresh LLC, you need to check the dates on the package. The company recalled the product recently due to the possibility that the vegetables are contaminated with listeria.

Does an auto recall relieve a plaintiff of the burden of proof?

Our personal injury law firm has represented many clients who where injured due to defective motor vehicles and/or components. Defective ignition systems, tire blowouts, faulty airbags and many other examples have been the subject of recalls issued by various automakers.

The surprising danger of Labor Day weekend

When we think about holidays that involve a lot of alcohol, New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day are probably the two that come to mind. Statistics show, however, that Labor Day is among the top three most dangerous holidays in terms of drunk driving accidents.

Precious Cargo

Every hour, at least two children end up i the hospital from injuries in their strollers and carriers.  That's according to a study published this week in the journal Academic Pediatrics by researchers from Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Poultry and meat processing workers face serious dangers every day

All manufacturing jobs have risks, and meat and poultry plants are no exception. Alabama is home to numerous poultry and meat processing plants, and while the jobs typically provide decent wages, they are dangerous.

Truck driver loses his job just for following safety regulations

A recent lawsuit raises concerns that safety regulations may be compromised in the name of employment efficiency and revenue. Specifically, a truck employer claimed that his employer wrongfully terminated him for complying with federal hours-of-service regulations. He refused a load because it would have put him over his allotted service hours.

Report reveals the extent of America's drowsy driving epidemic

As much as many of us would like to get to bed earlier or sleep in just a bit longer, our fast-paced lives often prevent this from occurring. Indeed, when we aren't busy working, running errands or managing some other personal crisis, chances are good we'll use the extra time to do anything but take catch up on some much-needed rest.

$16 Million Fraud and Medical Malpractice Verdict

A hard-fought two-week trial ends in vindication for a Birmingham couple.  Last night, a Jefferson County jury returned a verdict in the amount of $16 million for Caroline and J.T. Malatesta and against Brookwood Medical Center.  The Malatestas were represented by MRB attorneys David Marsh and Rip Andrews

Are preventable injuries a danger to nursing home residents?

Are you confident that your loved ones are getting the care they deserve in a nursing home? A recent story may raise concerns. Although the article specifically profiled rehabilitation hospitals, a clear analogy can be drawn to elderly residents who may not have the health to voice their concerns or protect their rights.

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