Alabama in the top 10 states for pedestrian deaths

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Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that in 2014, nearly 15 percent of people killed in car accidents were pedestrians. A review of their data reveals that Alabama is the 8th most dangerous state for pedestrians.

Alabama had 96 pedestrian deaths in 2014. The reviewers looked at these numbers as well as data on all of the state’s 2014 traffic accident deaths (820) to determine Alabama’s ranking.

How can you and your family stay safe?

While cities tend to see more pedestrian accidents, rural areas can also be dangerous. Lack of sidewalks, poorly lit roads and higher speed limits in rural areas create hazards for pedestrians.

When you are walking near traffic, remember to consider these points:

  • Cross only at crosswalks
  • At stoplights, cross only when the pedestrian light is on
  • Look for traffic, even when the traffic light signals that you can cross
  • Supervise young children when walking, and educate them on pedestrian safety
  • Walk on sidewalks and paths where they exist
  • If you have to walk on the street, face the oncoming traffic
  • Be on the lookout for moving cars in parking lots; drivers backing out of spaces may not see you
  • Be careful near parked cars and other objects that may obscure oncoming traffic’s view

The consequences of pedestrian accidents may be severe

It doesn’t take much for a pedestrian to suffer serious injuries in an accident. Simply being knocked down by a car can result in head injuries, broken bones and road rash. When a vehicle hits a pedestrian at a high speed, the person may suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Learn what action you can take if you or a family member is in a pedestrian accident by speaking with a lawyer.

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