Alabama organization raises awareness about brain injuries

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The Alabama Head Injury foundation recently launched an initiative to raise awareness about the causes and lifestyle impact of brain injuries.

Called the “Brain Freeze Challenge,” the effort utilized social media to illustrate how head trauma can disrupt even simple activities. The organization invited volunteers to use something cold to give themselves a temporary brain freeze, record a picture or video of the incident, and then post it on a social media site.

Traumatic brain injury and other types of head trauma may go undetected if a victim doesn’t display external signs. Yet a TBI can be incredibly disruptive to an individual’s functioning, possibly interfering with his or her ability to hold a job. Worse yet, a victim may socially withdraw, rather than struggle with symptoms in the public eye. In fact, the foundation says that isolation is one of the most common complaints it hears from individuals living with long-term brain injury symptoms.

The foundation works with over 3,000 survivors of brain injury in Alabama. Unfortunately, many more survivors may not be getting the treatment or assistance the need. In Alabama alone, about 10,000 people suffer a TBI every year. The causes of brain injury include slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence and concussions.

Our personal injury law firm has helped many victims of head trauma to examine their legal options. In the example of a slip-and-fall accident, a claim may lie against the property owner for improper upkeep and maintenance. An owner might also be liable if he or she had actual or constructive knowledge of a hazard on the property, yet failed to remedy it.

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