Alabama temporarily suspends hours-of-service truck regulations

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Alabama recently became one of five states to suspend a particular safety rule for fuel trucks: hours of service regulations. Lawmakers made this decision in response to the Colonial Pipeline spill that dumped hundreds of thousands of gasoline in remote areas of Alabama.

Desperate times may call for temporary measures, but there comes a point when a safety risk may not be justified for the sake of cleanup efforts. Our attorneys have represented dozens of victims of fatigue-related motor vehicle and truck accidents. Although fatigued drivers may have been unintentionally negligent, the serious injuries caused to crash victims requires accountability.

Fortunately, our attorneys know how to aggressively pursue compensation for our car and truck accident clients. We understand that a victim of another driver’s negligence may have significant injuries that require medical treatment and time off from work.

Yet an accident claim against a truck driver can be complicated. For starters, the liable parties in trucking litigation may sometimes include the driver’s employer. If the employer was responsible for employee oversight, such as enforcing trucking safety regulations, truck maintenance, and training, our attorneys will investigate just where the employer’s actions fell short.

Our personal injury attorneys also utilize the latest technology to illustrate the full impact of a crash upon a victim’s health, ability to work, and emotional state. Illustrations, photos, graphs and timelines are just a few examples of how we develop visual evidence to present to a jury. Each car accident is unique, and visual evidence can be an effective way of portraying the unique traffic conditions, driving behavior, and damage that resulted from a crash.

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