Birmingham driver implicated in deadly drunk driving crash

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An Alabama man is facing criminal charges for a wrong-way crash he recently caused on I-65. According to Alabama State Troopers, the 36-year-old driver had refused to stop for local police before heading the wrong way on I-65 South.

Unfortunately, the wrong-way driver collided with an oncoming vehicle, killings its 67-year-old occupant. The crash happened around 10 pm. on a recent Wednesday evening. Troopers say a preliminary investigation indicates alcohol to be a factor. The driver is now facing murder charges for the fatal drunk driving accident.

Motor vehicles travel at high speeds, which is why nearly any type of high-speed car accident can result in serious injuries. However, a drunk driving accident seems to be the epitome of injustice. The intoxicated driver often walks away with minor or no injuries, whereas the individuals in the other vehicle may suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Worst of all, the entire crash could have been prevented had the offending driver simply chosen not to drink and drive.

Our personal injury law firm has been helping victims of drunk driving accidents in Birmingham, Montgomery and throughout Alabama for years. We understand that a crash victim may need extensive financial compensation to afford the medical and vocational resources needed to move forward after an accident. Said another way, a crash victim often has damages that are substantial and may feel overwhelming. Our attorneys can quantify those damages and build a strong case for trial.

Our trial strategy begins with investigating all aspects of the accident. We all work with doctors and other medical professionals to fully understand the full extent of a victim’s injuries.

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