Dangerous designs might be to blame for toddler stroller injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2016 | Products Liability

Two products intended to provide safety to toddlers may have resulted in the opposite effect. Specifically, a recent study suggests that strollers and car carriers might actually cause traumatic brain injuries.

The research, performed by Academic Pediatrics, produced an alarming statistic: stroller or carrier injuries prompted over 360,000 emergency room visits in a 20-year period.

Other cases, not reflected in the above statistic, may have gone to local pediatricians or physicians instead of the emergency room. Notably, one-quarter of injuries handled by academic pediatrics involved a TBI. In sum, around 90,000 children under the age of 5 suffered a TBI injury from strollers or car carriers in the time period under review.

Are these products defective, or might parents be improperly buckling their toddlers into car seats and strollers? When investigating an allegation of a defective or dangerous product, our law firm examines how the manufacturer intended the product to be used. In the case of strollers, however, some models might have been designed poorly, prone to tipping over.

Significantly, design improvements to both carriers and strollers have occurred over the years. Some strollers manufactured before September 2015 have also been recalled. A recall list of many different products can be viewed on the website of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If a dangerous or defective product injured you, consult with a personal injury law firm that has experience with product liability lawsuits to learn more about your legal options. The CPSC’s extensive listing of recalls indicates that manufacturers make mistakes quite often. If that negligence caused you injury, an attorney can fight for your rights.

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