High-speed chase on Alabama’s Interstate 65 ends in tragedy

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Speeding was a factor in a recent two-vehicle accident on Interstate 65 South. In fact, the excessive speed apparently prohibited a safe entrance onto the interstate: the collision happened on the off-ramp.

According to reports, officials from the G.K. Fountain Correctional Facility in Atmore spotted a Toyota Avalon just outside the facility’s barrier fence around noon on a recent Wednesday. The officials saw a man toss a package over the fence, then speed off. When officials attempted to follow the vehicle, a high-speed chase ensued until the collision.

The speeding vehicle struck a Chevrolet Trailblazer. The drivers of both vehicles did not suffer serious injuries, although they were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The passenger in the Toyota Avalon, tragically, did not survive the collision and died at the scene. 

The circumstances of this story are unusual, as the speeding vehicle was fleeing to avoid arrest: The package thrown over the prison fence contained 183 grams of synthetic marijuana, as well as cell phones and chargers. The injuries that can result from negligent driving behaviors like speeding, in contrast, are anything but atypical.

Our personal injury law firm has represented many victims of motor vehicle accidents, and we have seen firsthand their long-term medical needs. In fact, a crash can affect nearly every aspect of one’s life, resulting in medical, economic and emotional consequences.

Car accidents do occur with a high degree of frequency on Alabama’s roads and highways, and data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that traffic fatalities have been on the rise every quarter since the end of 2014. To obtain compensation and move on with your life after a car accident, consult with an experienced car accident injury lawyer. 

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