Three Alabama cities on nation’s worst for drunk driving

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Every day, you face the possibility of being injured by a negligent driver in Alabama. Whether as a driver yourself or as a passenger, bicyclists or pedestrian, one reckless act on the part of another person could put you in grave danger. Among the many causes of such accidents continues to be driving while impaired by alcohol. No matter how much public awareness campaigns work to educate about the dangers of drunk driving, too many people continue to make this choice.

According to AxleGeeks, Alabama is represented not once but three time on the nation’s list of the 99 cities with the deadliest drunk driving problem. Coming in at number 94 on the list is Montgomery. Mobile ranked at number 74 while Tuscaloosa occupied the number 22 spot. These rankings reflect drunk driving fatalities for the year 2015.

In Montgomery, eight out of 25 vehicular deaths were caused by drunk drivers. That represents 32 percent of all traffic fatalities. In Mobile, the percentage of drunk driving deaths out of overall traffic deaths was over 35 percent. In 2015, Mobile lost six out of 17 people to drunk drivers. Faring even worse was Tuscaloosa in which more than 46 percent of all vehicular fatalities involved alcohol. A total of 13 people died in all auto accidents and six of those died in crashes with drunk drivers.

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