Truck accident kills two, injures one

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When many Alabama residents think about the situations in which traffic accidents may happen, being at a standstill in a vehicle is not often the first such situation that comes to mind. Usually things that may involve driving in dangerous conditions such as at night in bad weather or driving too fast would be involved. In fact, usually actually moving in a vehicle would be involved.

However, that standstill situation is exactly the one in which two men were killed and a third injured in a recent crash along a section of Interstate 95 in North Carolina. The three men were in a country music band together and had recently performed in many cities throughout Alabama including Mobile and Tuscaloosa. They were en route to Baltimore to play at other gigs.

While stopped in traffic, the men’s bus was hit from behind by a semi-truck that reportedly never slowed or stopped. The force pushed the bus into another truck and killed the driver and another man, a Pell City native, instantly. The third member of the band was taken to a hospital for treatment. No details were given on his injuries or condition. The trucker has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. It is not known if alcohol, fatigue or other factors may have been involved in the crash.

Victims of truck accidents or their family members may find it useful to talk to an attorney after these types of crashes. Getting legal input may offer insights into how to seek compensation.


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