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Alabama sees more traffic deaths in 2016

Every Alabama resident knows that a motor vehicle accident can happen at any time. However, most people don't really ever think it will happen to them - until it does. That is a common sentiment heard by law enforcement and other emergency responders when helping people after a crash. Sadly, this year in Alabama has seen more people lose their lives in traffic accidents which also means more people are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Drunk driving deaths in Alabama

As the holiday season kicks off, you and many Alabama residents look forward to a variety of celebrations with friends, families and coworkers. While these things can be wonderful indeed, there can be a dangerous side to them when partygoers get in their vehicles to drive home after drinking alcohol. The dangers associated with drinking and driving can turn holiday festivities into holiday tragedies.

Assault and murder charges made in alleged DUI accident

Alabama residents who are concerned about people who drive drunk, cause accidents and then seem to be able to avoid any consequences have reason to be frustrated with this seemingly senseless cycle. With the holidays approaching, the worry about drunk drivers may even be greater as holiday celebrations commonly involve alcohol and motorists driving home after their parties.

Understanding automotive recalls

Many Alabama residents have likely received notifications in the mail about recalls related to their cars, trucks or other vehicles. In several cases, all that this requires is a visit to a dealer to have the associated problems fixed at no cost to them. However, what can happen if you are not notified of a defect with your vehicle or a certain piece of safety equipment and an accident ends up happening, injuring you or a loved one? Just how do automotive recalls work?

New sound requirements for electric and hybrid cars

In 2020, electric cars may not be the silent machines we have become accustomed to. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) just released new requirements for electric cars and hybrids to have an audible noise when in motion. Learn what is changing, why it’s changing and how that might cut down on pedestrian accidents.

Types of elder abuse

In the last several decades, more and more people in Alabama have been faced with the challenge of how to properly take care of their aging relatives. Whether parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or someone else, you want to give these loved ones the care and attention they need and have shown you over the years. But, what happens when the people you entrusted to care for them end up hurting them? What should you know and watch for?

When does the FMCSA Hours of Service rule apply?

The commercial transportation industry is a highly competitive and important one. Whether operating in Alabama alone or in multiple states, drivers, owner-operators and companies alike must adhere to a wide range of laws and industry regulations. Among these is the Hours of Service rule as established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. But, does this rule apply to all commercial drivers in all situations?

How does the FDA regulate dietary supplements?

A report from the American Association of Liver Diseases tied one-in-five cases of chemical-induced liver damage to dietary supplements. Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs, both products face different standards. This post will explore how the FDA regulates dietary supplements and how supplement recalls work.

Samsung washing machines recalled due to safety problems

On November 4, Samsung issued a recall of nearly three million washing machines. The affected models are top-loading washers. Samsung received over 700 customer complaints about the machines, including reports of injuries.

Truckers driving extended hours due to pipeline explosion

After the October 31 Colonial Pipeline explosion in Shelby County, the governor of Alabama issued a State of Emergency to minimize the disruption of the gasoline supply. In doing so, he expanded the hours gasoline truckers may drive.

Task force to address elder abuse

Like their counterparts around the nation, many Alabama residents struggle to find ways to provide safety and care for their elderly relatives. This can be a burden on families in any situation but can be made even harder when the elderly relatives do not live near those responsible for them. In other situations, elderly people may not have anyone to look out for them at all. All of these things contribute to the growing problem of elder abuse and neglect in America today.

Traumatic brain injury basics

Even the most seemingly simple brain injury can lead to serious problems for Alabama residents. Many things can cause brain injuries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that falls, such as what may happen when a person falls from a defective ladder, account for more than 40 percent of all brain injures. Vehicular crashes are responsible for another 14 percent. 

Alabama pipeline explosion highlights dangers of gas and oil work

On October 31, an explosion at the Colonial Pipeline in Shelby County killed one worker and injured nine others. This tragic accident is just one more reminder that workers in the oil and gas industry face grave dangers every day.

Identifying nursing home sexual abuse

Law enforcement agents from Georgia and Alabama met earlier this month to talk about the epidemic of elder abuse in their communities. The growing number of abuse cases may cause you to wonder what the signs of senior abuse are and how perpetrators get away with it.

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