Task force to address elder abuse

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Like their counterparts around the nation, many Alabama residents struggle to find ways to provide safety and care for their elderly relatives. This can be a burden on families in any situation but can be made even harder when the elderly relatives do not live near those responsible for them. In other situations, elderly people may not have anyone to look out for them at all. All of these things contribute to the growing problem of elder abuse and neglect in America today.

A large number of professionals from state organizations as well as law enforcement groups are coming together to create a new task force targeted at tackling the problem of elder abuse. This effort will concentrate in parts of Georgia and extend into Alabama as well. The ideal situation is to prevent serious abuse of seniors but some work may to that end may include increasing awareness about the severity and widespread nature of the problem.

Some rural parts of the area are experiencing numbers of elder abuse cases that would have once only been experienced in larger, more populated areas. Elder abuse is also sadly growing in numbers closer to that of child abuse. Abuse can be physical or include financial exploitation as well.

People in Alabama who are concerned about potential elder abuse may find it useful to discuss details with an experienced attorney. Learning how the law can protect an elderly person is important.


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