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Boy suffers TBI and father dies in drunk driving crash

Living with a brain injury is something no Alabama resident wants to do and certainly is one of the last things that an Alabama parent would want to see his or her child experience. Sadly, that is exactly what some people must face when accidents caused by the negligent actions and choices of others leave innocent people with these injuries.

Trucker's family awarded damages due to faulty rig

When it comes to semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles, there are many factors that may come into play in an accident in Alabama. Some of these involve human decision-making or errors such as when truckers might text while driving or operate rigs when they are fatigued. Other factors might involve the trucks themselves.

FDA issues new recall of drug device

The last thing an Alabama resident who must take or receive medication for a serious condition needs to worry about is a complication with the drug. While many people commonly think about things like side effects to medications, there are other problems that could arise as well. Some drugs, for example, must be administered intravenously and therefore the safety and effectiveness of devices used for this purpose must be watched.

Understanding bedsores

If you are one of the many Alabama residents who has an elderly relative in a nursing home, you know the many things you need to be on the lookout for. The reason your loved one is living in such a facility is to ensure that he or she receives the level of care needed. However, inadequate staffing and other issues in some nursing homes can put residents at risk. Having family members who are educated about what to look for can be helpful in either preventing problems or taking action if problems occur.

Drunk driver kills elderly man

Holiday celebrations can be a warm and wonderful way of sharing time with loved ones in Alabama. However, when those celebrations see people consume alcohol and then get in their vehicles to drive home, wonderful times can turn into tragic times for some. That is exactly what has happened for the family of a 70-year-old man in Mobile.

The reality of elder neglect and abuse

Do you have an older relative in need of care either at home or perhaps in a long-term residential facility? If so, you are one of many other Alabama residents facing the tough realities that come with balancing taking care of loved ones' daily need while protecting them from abuse or neglect. Sadly, this abuse or neglect often comes at the hands of those tasked with providing care to a person.

Elder abuse risk factors

Are you one of the many Alabama residents who has an elderly relative living in a nursing home or other care facility? If so, you understand the worries that you have for your loved one. In addition to making sure your relative's health needs are met, you also need to make sure they are treated properly and do not become the victim of some form of elder abuse or neglect. This is no easy task especially if you do not live in the same city or county.

Car seat requirements and recommendations

Alabama parents, grandparents, teachers and childcare providers need to understand and know many things to help keep infants and children safe at home and when out and about. One of the things that is important is protecting children riding in vehicles in the event of an accident. Just what is required or recommended for the use of child safety seats?

Understanding distracted driving

If you are like most Alabama residents, you continue to see people in their cars, trucks or other vehicles holding their smartphones up to their ears talking away while driving. As you know, this behavior is hugely dangerous and puts you and other innocent people at risk. Day in and day out, too many people in Alabama are involved in crashes caused by drivers who refuse to put away their phones while behind the wheel. Just how serious is distracted driving?

iPhone Shows Cracks in Apple's Facade?

Samsung made more headlines in 2016 than any digital device company for the Galaxy Note 7's combusting batteries and the subsequent recalls. To add insult to injury, some of Samsung's washing machines made by a different manufacturer were recalled as well. The long decline of Apple has been predicted since before Steve Jobs' death, but company has rarely made a misstep beyond the fact that its level success in the marketplace sometimes dips to what other companies would consider very successful.

Will driver mode reduce cellphone use behind the wheel?

Distracted driving accidents continue to be a problem despite the safety warnings and laws that prohibit certain cellphone uses while driving. To combat this issue, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposes that cellphones come with a driver mode.

Elderly people given more control in nursing homes

Many Alabama residents need to find nursing home care for a relative or already have loved ones living in care facilities. These people understand some of the challenges associated with finding a place for their family members that provides quality care and safe treatment at the same time. With a seemingly growing number of stories reporting instances of abuse and neglect at nursing homes across the nation, Alabamans will be pleased to know that the government has recently bolstered regulations that will give residents and their families more power in keeping elderly people safe.

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