5 of the most common construction industry accidents

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Birmingham construction sites may be safer places to work than they were decades ago. But accidents still happen, and construction workers suffer major injuries.

These accidents happen in any number of ways, but certain incidents tend to happen again and again. Here are four of the most common construction accidents that happen in the U.S.

Falls from height

Much construction work happens above the ground, whether on scaffolding, a crane or a ladder. Safety equipment and precautions help, but falls are always a risk and can badly damage the victim’s head, neck, back and more. Fatal and disabling injuries from falls are far too common.

Falling objects

Similarly, workers above the ground sometimes lose control of heavy tools which causes them to plummet to the ground. Anyone unfortunate enough to be standing beneath could get struck on the head, shoulder or back and get badly hurt.

Crush accidents

Drivers of heavy, powerful vehicles like trucks and bulldozers can accidentally back into another worker, running them over or crushing them into a wall. This is another dangerous construction accident that can kill the victim or leave them severely disabled.


Trenches must be dug and shaped according to specific regulations but collapses still occur. If the victim is lucky enough not to suffocate, they could be seriously hurt. Also, partly-constructed buildings can collapse without warning and harm anyone trapped inside.

A construction worker caught in any of these accidents will likely need time off work to recover. Though they cannot earn an income while laid up, workers’ compensation can help make up for that lost income and help pay for their medical treatment.

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