Hidden brain injuries after a car accident

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Most victims of car accidents are treated on the scene and if they are taken to the hospital, they are examined and if appropriate, diagnosed there.

Unfortunately, not all injuries are apparent immediately. Some injuries can take days, weeks or months to show signs, which is dangerous if the injury goes undiagnosed and untreated. It is important for car accident victims to remain alert for physical symptoms long after the accident; not only right after it.

Symptoms of hidden brain injuries can include:

  1. Mental conditions such as depression or anxiety
  2. Suicidal thoughts or ideation
  3. Difficulty concentrating and focusing
  4. Feeling like you cannot work like you used to
  5. Difficulty falling and staying asleep
  6. Light and sound sensitivity
  7. Extreme tiredness, unexplained fatigue

Any of these symptoms may or may not be signs of a hidden brain injury but they can be, which is why it is so important to seek medical attention if you detect any of these symptoms or other unusual physical conditions.

Why and how do hidden injuries happen?

After a traumatic brain injury, like any other injury, the body tries to heal itself. Your brain could be in shock from the accident and the adrenaline can prevent you from feeling pain right away. While it is possible for the brain to heal itself sometimes, it is not always possible for it to heal by itself because some injuries can be especially severe.

In these cases, medical intervention is critical. In fact, the sooner you are able to identify any unusual sign or symptom, you should communicate that to your doctor right away.

Car accidents are serious in many ways and can result in lingering injuries that can impact your life for a long time or forever. Make sure that you advocate for yourself if you feel that something is not quite right and that something has changed in your body from how it was before the accident.

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