How do brake issues on semi-trucks put drivers in danger?

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Brake systems are vital for every vehicle on STATE’s roadways, and they are especially important for large vehicles like semi-trucks. When these vehicles cannot stop safely, it puts all others on the road at significant risk. What should drivers know about the part that brake malfunctions have in these serious collisions?

How common are brake-related crashes?

Brake issues are one of the top causes of collisions involving semi-trucks. In fact, the landmark Large Truck Crash Causation Study found that brake issues contributed to around 29 percent of collisions.

How common are brake issues?

Brake safety issues are more common than people may believe. In fact, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) reported that around 13.3 percent of vehicles inspected in North America during the annual Brake Safety Week had brake-related issues. The average number of out-of-service brake violations in the United States was higher, at 13.6 percent.

In addition, these inspections found common wear and tear issues on the brake hose that were notable but would not qualify a vehicle for being placed out of service. In the United States, 32 percent of semi-trucks had wear that extended into the protective material around the hose, and 36 percent had wear that extended further into the outer rubber cover.

Who is responsible for brake issues?

Many different people and companies contribute to the safety of a semi-truck’s brake system. Manufacturers are responsible for providing sound vehicles and components. Truck drivers and carrier companies must both take steps to ensure that a vehicle has regular maintenance and the repairs it needs.

When the brakes of a large commercial vehicle fail, the results can be catastrophic for those involved. The right guidance can help injured people and their families identify the cause of a crash and hold those parties responsible.

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