The life-changing implications of medical malpractice

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Medical malpractice can lead to serious injuries to patients placing a great deal of trust in doctors and nurses. The discovery that preventable mistakes changed or took lives is a devastating moment. Errors by physicians and others represent a continuing and baffling clear and present danger.

Troubling signs

Statistics tell a troubling story. Approximately 99 percent of physicians are sued by their patients on their 65th birthdays. Tragic mistakes in care continue to be on the increase for victims when looking at recent statistics. A quarter of a million people die on an annual basis due to malpractice. Healthcare-related negligence ranks third in the cause of death, head of cancer, and heart disease.

More than 40 percent of Americans claim that medical mistakes occurred while under the care of a professional. A majority of the errors included diagnostic failures and surgical and medication oversights. Nearly three-fourths of patients suffered immediate injuries following a procedure or operation.

Yet, only one percent will result in a lawsuit, with 12,414 cases on average between 2009 to 2018. During that same time, average damages for medical malpractice claims were more than $300,000. The entire amount to victims grew to $38.5 billion, with $4 billion in damages awarded to victims.

A gradual decrease in adverse verdicts to medical professionals reduced by 18.5 percent, while in the shadow of medical malpractice allegations continuing to increase.

Whether going to an appointment or undergoing a medical procedure, the prospect of potential malpractice continues to loom over patients fearing the worst possible outcome.

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